Brexiters change their one retort to “We ALL lost, get over it”

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Brexiters are finally going to admit that they lost too, but retain their pig-headed unwillingness to do anything about it.

The traditional, lone comeback to any and all reasonable objections regarding Brexit has been “you lost, get over it”, in the absence of any grown-up arguments supporting the notion that Brexit was a good idea.

However, in the wake of the economy shrinking, the pound tumbling, HGV driver shortages, fruit-picker shortages, empty supermarket shelves, livestock culls, the UK becoming an investment black hole, supply concerns for Christmas and that whole Ireland thing, Brexiters are starting to get an inkling that MAYBE they haven’t won an awful lot.

“But you still need to get over it,” grimaced Simon Williams, a Brexiter.

“We all lost. That’s just about becoming clear to me. Granted, absolutely nothing good has resulted from Brexit at all – nothing – but that doesn’t mean the decision was WRONG. It’s too late to do anything about it, so let’s all just get over it and prepare for a frugal Christmas.”

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Hayley Rice, a bleating remoaner, suggested, “I mean… we COULD admit we’ve made a mistake and do our best to undo it by reapplying for membership?”

Simon sputtered “You WHAT? And give those Eurocrats the satisfaction of watching us crawl back to them on our hands and knees? No chance!

“We’ve made an absolute shit of this, and we’re going to carry on like it’s the best thing ever. That’s best for Britain. That’s BRAVE.”

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