Ticketmaster defends new £75 ‘suckers fee’

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Ticketmaster has defended implementing a £75 ‘suckers fee’ for all ticket purchases on its site.

The service has come under fire in recent weeks for several price surging reasons, including inflating their prices when demand for a concert is high.

Some fans have been forking out well over the initial asking price for certain musicians.

Ticketmaster has now responded by launching a comprehensive suckers fee.

A spokesman said, “By putting everything at a reasonable price, we can now get those extra pounds from our customers another way – by simply taking it.

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“This £75 fee will do nothing, for you, the consumer, but we hope that our customers know that it is entirely in their interest to pay it. Of course, it isn’t optional, so they’ll have to get used to it either way.”

The service added that it was looking at new ways in which to enhance customer service.

“We want customers to use our platform because it is the easiest way in which they can connect with the artists they love. For a mere extra £50 per ticket, music lovers can rest easy in that THEIR money will be in their favourite singers’ wallet. You can’t get closer to the action than that.”