Completely losing your shit after spotting a hot air balloon, and five other things grown men shouldn’t get excited by

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A forty-year-old man started running around like an excited toddler after seeing a hot air balloon flying over his house.

Small children get very enthusiastic about mundane phenomena like fire engines and trains. However, other perfectly normal things will never cease to make Simon Williams – an actual adult man – giddy with excitement.

Simon talked us through his favourites.

Hot air balloons

“These spectacular behemoths combine the majesty of sheer size with the mystique that comes with being relatively rare. I will happily dash out of the loo with my pants around my ankles if I hear someone shout, ‘Hot air balloon!’

“See more than one at the same time and you’re in real ‘tell the grandchildren’ territory.”


“Daytime sightings are fantastic but try hearing one at night; I immediately leap out of bed and attempt to work out what major incident is occurring in spitting distance of my home. It’s obviously some sort of manhunt. Is the back door locked? Is there anything on the local news? Oh, it’s flying away… wait, it’s coming back!

“Hours of entertainment.”

A really long chip

“Nothing is quite as exciting as plucking out a six-incher from a bowl of chips. If I’m in a restaurant, I make sure I show it to the diners at all the other tables before eating the evidence. If I’m at home and it’s a freak oven chip then I just stick a photo on Instagram.”

A fox in the garden

“I’ll be the first to admit it – I couldn’t be more excited if it was an actual diplodocus. If I keep really quiet, I might be able to see this exotic fox exotically eating food from my bin before doing an exotic black poo in the middle of my lawn!”

A dropped glass

“I’m in the pub pretending to enjoy talking about football and wishing I’d stayed at home to watch Celebrity Masterchef. But then someone drops a glass and suddenly leaving the house was totally worth it. I crane my neck, I join in the spontaneous cheer, I’ve never felt more alive.

“Sometimes, an entire tray of glasses will be dropped; they’re the very best nights out.”

Power cuts

“Crumbling national infrastructure shouldn’t be even vaguely exciting, and yet there’s an undeniable sense of adventure in eating cold baked beans by candlelight.

“Familiar to anyone who grew up in the seventies and eighties, this particular thrill will soon be making a comeback thanks to the energy crisis.”