Liz Truss sends letter of no confidence about new PM

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It has been revealed that one of the letters of no confidence sent to the 1922 Committee highlighting concerns about the new Prime Minister was sent by Conservative party member of parliament Liz Truss.

The letter is believed to suggest that she thinks the new leader has been promoted beyond their level of incompetence, despite that happening over seven times in the last 12 years.

1922 Committee member, Lord Sir Simon Williiams KBE, confirmed receipt of the letter, saying, “Amongst others, some scrawled in yellow crayon on the back of a flyer from an anti-immigration event, there is a letter of no confidence in the Prime Minister from one ‘Mary Elizabeth Truss, MP’. 

”The letter states that the sender firmly believes the new policies put in place last week are ‘completely bonkers’ and that ‘only a fuul would think tax cust would help the the UK plc right now’.

“It goes on to say, ‘What is much, much worse than this… woman(!) being PM is those people that put her there! Are they so racialist that they would rather put England and those other minor countries on the course to finanshul oblivon than elect someone who doesn’t have the palest skin?’

“What seems to be becoming abundantly clear is that Mrs Truss doesn’t really seem to realise that she is, in fact, the said same leader. 

“Which, given her startling level of incompetence, is a big surprise to absolutely nobody.”