Virtue-signalling is a blight on society, unless it’s us talking about how great we are to have had three female leaders, insist Tories

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Tories across the country have continued to insist that virtue-signalling is a blight on society unless it’s them using the fact that the Tories have had three female leaders while the Labour party have had none.

As Liz Truss used her first Prime Minister’s Questions to stutter her way through a few pre-prepared remarks, many of her supporters have latched onto the fact that she and her colleagues have made quite a big deal of her sex.

Tory voter Derek Matthews told us, “Identity politics is a cancer, and one of the worst aspects of modern society – unless it’s people I like using their sex to criticise people I don’t like. Then it’s okay.

“And I find virtue-signalling entirely abhorrent – unless it’s my side saying how much better they are than the other side by focussing on the virtue of appointing women over appointing someone competent. Then it is most definitely a good thing.”

However, political commentator Simon Williams explained, “When you go through party leaders like most people go through underwear, then obviously you’re going to have more chances to try people from different backgrounds and from the different sexes.

“Let’s not forget, since they were responsible for introducing the poisoned chalice of Brexit, the Tories have gone through leaders at an average of every 18 months, so it’s entirely possible we’ll have another one – maybe another woman – before the next election.

“I’m not sure ‘we keep electing terrible leaders and having to replace them’ is quite the flex the Tory party thinks it is.”

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