There is nothing incriminating in the Mar-o-Lago documents but the courts should still force the FBI to stop looking immediately, insists Trump

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Donald Trump has launched a legal campaign to force the FBI to stop looking at the documents seized from his Mar-o-Lago residence, despite his ongoing insistence that there is nothing incriminating.

“Such a huge waste of time. Huge. The biggest,” Trump told his followers on whichever social media platform he’s using this week.

“The FBI raid was totally illegal, but there is nothing incriminating in any of those documents which is why I’m asking the courts to stop the FBI looking at them with immediate effect. Like, right now. Stop it.

“I’m actually saving the tax payers money taking this to court. If I can stop the FBI looking at these documents then all that money can be better spent looking for real evidence of crimes, like on Hunter Biden’s laptop.”

Meanwhile, non-simpletons have been left reassured that nothing is more indicative of there being evidence of illegal activity within those boxes quite like Donald Trump’s absolute insistence that no one should look at them.

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Voter Chuck Williams told us, “Honestly, I thought it was a nothing story, just an administration snafu, an oversight – right up until the point Donald Trump loudly said no one in the FBI should be looking at those documents. That’s when I knew the FBI has hit the jackpot.

“I mean, if there was genuinely NOTHING in those boxes to worry about, he should just let them conclude their investigation, let them announce no wrongdoing was found, and then loudly and publicly criticise their political motivations. But he can’t do that because he knows what’s in the boxes.

“It’s like when you have a teenager who says he has nothing to hide in his room, but that you should not under any circumstances look in the bottom of his sock drawer.

“It’s like he’s made incompetence an art form.”

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