Facebook glitch seemingly achieves the impossible by making your news feed even less interesting

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A Facebook glitch this morning has succeeded in achieving what many thought impossible, by making your feed even less interesting and relevant.

As the bug ensured posts by followers of celebrity pages to those celebrities were seen by every follower of that celebrity, your feed has gone from an endless stream of posts by that friend posting his Wordle scores, to five-hundred people telling Ricky Gervais how much they love him.

Facebook user Simon Williams told us, “I honestly thought the last algorithm tweak had achieved rock bottom for the Facebook feed. It started showing me fewer and fewer of the things I actively followed, and showing more and more of the ridiculous things posted by that idiot I knew at school.

“But this? This is a whole new level of tedium. Just scrolling down my feed now I’ve got three hundred football fans fawning over Jack Grealish, and dozens of Bitcoin scammers desperately asking various musicians to join their cult.

“What I haven’t got is any posts from the pages I actually ASKED to follow, like NewsThump.

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“The thing is, this change is so completely awful, and so demonstrably bad for the user experience, that we can’t rule out the possibility that Facebook did it deliberately. It’s very ‘on brand’ for them.”

When asked for a comment, Facebook told us they would decide whether to keep it or not when they figure out how much ad revenue it is generating.