‘We are not getting more stupider’ insist A Level students after fall in top grades

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A Level students have reacted angrily to suggestions that lower grades this year means they are not as bright as their predecessors, telling critics ‘we are more cleverer than you think’.

With a fall of over 36% in grades A and A* compared to last year, students have been quick to defend their academic records and exam performance.

“It’s not fair,” huffed Jake Williams, who received B and C grades in everything.

“People say the exams are getting easierer, but they’re clearly not. If anything they are unsimpler than last year.

“If found the exams really hard, which is clearly evidence they were harder than before, rather than an indication of my ability to do them.”

The fall in exam grades has had no effect on University admissions, as a bumper intake is expected this September as Universities seek to maximise revenue from the latest set of organic profit production units.