Labour’s Britain is a cesspit, insists Tory Government Minister

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It has emerged that MP Simon Williams – part of the Tory government that is actually in power – tweeted this morning that Britain under Labour is a rancid shit-hole of strikes and mass inflation.

When asked for further comment, Williams stated, “I am absolutely raging.  

“Under this Labour Party – that is 100% not in government – we are facing an ever-worsening cost of living crisis, rising fuel costs that are having a devastating impact on working families, and rampant inflation that is literally stealing the money from your purse.

“…and to add insult to injury, they are now faced with the mass disruption of rail strikes. 

“As a member of the Tory government that is in control of Parliament and in charge of passing laws and things to make peoples’ lives better, thanks to an 80-seat majority, we are simply powerless to act to stop Labour wrecking our proud and sovereign country.

“The rail strike is just the latest example, and we are, once again powerless to do anything. 

“I mean, we can crow from the side and make the obviously neutral point that it is all the RMT’s fault and then remind everyone that they support Labour, thus helpfully allowing us to make it Labour’s fault, once again leaving out the fact that they are the opposition and we are the government.

“Oh, and did I mention the 1970s? No? Well, it’s a throwback to the 1970s, which is again something bad that apparently, some people will associate with Labour. 

“It means nothing to me. I am only 35 and get all my talking points for the day in one text message.”

When asked how he could criticise Labour when it was his party in power, Williams hastily scanned his mobile phone screen before saying, “And what is Labour’s plan about migrant boats? 


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