UEFA fails in attempt to organise successful ‘brewery-based piss-up’

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UEFA have failed to organise a piss up in a brewery it has emerged today. 

With farcical scenes surrounding last night’s Champions League final, following similar scenes during Euro 2020, UEFA looked to immediately repair their reputation today by organising a few drinks at a local brewery instead., which went completely wrong.  

A spokesperson for UEFA confirmed “Yes, we somehow fucked it up.

“Obviously having a piss up in a brewery should be relatively easy to organise, because you’ve got all the ingredients needed right there.

“But due to a large degree of incompetence and bad planning on our part we appear to have messed it up completely.

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“We just didn’t anticipate what people would want and exactly where they would be, and everyone went home sober, after a really terrible night.

Asked if they are a useless corrupt organisation that is really only in it for the money instead of the safety and enjoyment of the people who wanted the piss up we were told, “That’s a yes.”

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