Channel 4 should be funded like that streaming service I also appear to have no clue about, insists Nadine Dorries

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Nadine Dorries has moved swiftly on from not understanding how Channel 4 is funded, to insisting it should be more like Netflix, a streaming service whose model she understands so well she regularly violates their terms of use.

The culture and media secretary who presumably got the job because she told ministers she had no comprehension of the nation’s media business, yesterday admitted that she shares her Netflix password with at least four other households, in direct contravention of the platforms terms of use.

The paucity of her knowledge has not surprised everyone.

Voter, Simon Williams told us, “Everyone shares their Netflix password. Everyone. That isn’t the issue here. It’s the fact that she didn’t understand that this is something she shouldn’t do, given they are supposedly the business-friendly government.

“I’m sure Netflix are delighted about her advertising the fact that she breaks their rules. And do you know what, when Netflix bring forward their plans to close this particular loophole using IP tracking and geo-location data, we will have dumb-Dorries to thank.

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“But having to fork out extra each month for Netflix should be fine, given it’s not like the price of anything else has gone up recently. I had hoped the government would help with the cost of living crisis, not inadvertently contribute to the closing of a loophole helping millions of families save a few quid a month.

“I would say Nadine needs to stick to what she knows best, but I’ve no idea how Boris appoints a Minister for eating Ostrich anuses.”

Original idea by David Fuller.