Man who insisted ‘We did all we could’ now living in house with most lockdown fines in the whole of the UK

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A man who insisted that ‘we did all we could’ during the Covid pandemic resides in the house which now has the most fines for breaking Covid rules in the whole of the UK.

Boris Johnson, who has also been fined himself for breaking Covid lockdown laws whilst ‘doing all he could’ has now had more than 100 people fined for breaking rules in his own home.

Speaking earlier he told us, “We did do all we could though, apart from follow the rules ourselves, which was a bit too much for us to do, obviously.

“People should recognise that it takes someone quite special to be the person who set the rules in the first place while living in the house where the most rules were broken in the whole of the UK.

“Particularly when we stood there in front of you telling everyone not to break the rules no matter how heartbreaking this all was, and then went and broke the rules ourselves on a fucking unprecedented level, like we didn’t give a shit about any of you.

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“I just want to say that despite all of the many many fines given for a complete disregard of the rules in my own house, we definitely did ‘all we could’.

“And by ‘all we could’ I mean all we could to completely take the piss, and laugh at the whole country.”

Asked if he will resign if he gets another fine we were told, “Will I fuck.”

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