Man uses money saved by not taking forty-minute UK train journey to book five star all-inclusive trip to Disneyland

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A man has used the money he saved from cancelling a forty minute UK train journey to book a five star all-inclusive trip for he and his family at Disneyland in Florida.

Simon Williams, who had intended to travel between cities in England to visit a friend revealed the news earlier after cancelling the planned visit and realising how much money he would save by not having to purchase a rail ticket. 

Speaking earlier he told us “We’re going to Disney baby!

“I was going to visit my friend in Leeds next week so had looked at the price of the tickets which I knew would be quite expensive so I had been saving for quite a while.

“Then just before I was due to purchase the return ticket my friend had to cancel the visit, so I could actually use the money I had saved on my train tickets for something else.

“Anyway once I had worked everything out it turns out that the whole family can now go to Disneyland in Florida instead, for three weeks, with all the parks included, and fast passes and everything.

“Obviously a forty-minute return train journey in standard class with no reserved seat on a train which is likely to be late is far better value, but we’ve just got to take what you can get I suppose.

Asked to comment on the alternative plans his children told us, “We’ve got fast passes!!!”