‘I wasn’t expecting that’ insists man punched in the face after repeatedly provoking Mike Tyson on plane

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A man who was punched in the face after continually provoking former boxer Mike Tyson on a plane has insisted today that he wasn’t expecting that at all. 

The man, who was being filmed behaving like an annoying prick on the plane by his friend expressed his shock at being hit by Tyson after repeatedly trying to provoke him by being an annoying prick. 

Speaking earlier, without revealing his name for fear of being punched in the face repeatedly again, he revealed, “It took me totally by surprise.

“I spotted Mike Tyson on the plane which I was on, and I thought I would start to annoy him because what could possibly go wrong with a plan as sound as that one?

“So I asked my equally annoying friend to film me whilst I continually tried to provoke the former heavyweight champion of the world and one of the most vicious punchers of all time, by hanging over his seat and generally being a massive prick.

“After doing this for quite a while I was utterly shocked when the former boxer with a notoriously short temper suddenly started to punch me in the face a lot of times.

“I was taken completely by surprise and can’t think what might have made him do such a thing, I just wasn’t expecting it at all.”

Asked to comment on what he saw of the incident, flight attendant Simon Williams, who was stood right next to Tyson’s seat throughout the whole incident told us, “Yeah I didn’t see a single thing”