Man distraught after submitting his final ‘cheap’ meter reading BEFORE he used the washing machine

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A man is fuming today after submitting his final meter reading online ahead of the tariff increase, BEFORE he used his washing machine and decided to have a shower.

Simon Williams, who had seven cups of tea this morning, so he wouldn’t have to use the kettle again, realised his monumental error earlier after entering his meter reading online, and realising he had not done his washing for a week. 

Speaking earlier he told us, “What a schoolboy error. They will charge me on the dearer tariff for that wash, I’m telling you, I don’t trust them.

“I decided to enter my readings online, like everyone else in the country to try to make sure I’m not charged a penny more than I have to on the estimated bills before the rates go absolutely mental tomorrow.

“But then I realised I needed to put a wash in, and have a fucking shower, and that won’t show up on the readings I’ve already submitted, so they will charge me a bastard fortune by the time I get my next bill.

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“I should have done it at midnight just to make sure that it was accurate, and they couldn’t charge me anything for today on higher rate at all.

“Especially given that I will not be washing or eating, or heating my house or having lights on whatsoever from tomorrow morning.”

Asked if he will be watching TV from tomorrow he told us, “Yes, through my neighbours window. They’re minted.”