‘We will conduct referendum votes on the beaches’ says Boris in rousing speech

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The Prime Minister has won the hearts and souls of even his strongest critics by encouraging the people of Britain to vote for their freedom, thereby displaying the courage of Ukrainians.

Boris Johnson has made a stirring speech in which he fanned the flames of the great British voting spirit.

“The citizens of Ukraine have taken up arms to fight for their freedom,” he said. “In much the same way, the citizens of Britain will take up their pens and vote for theirs!

“We have already voted bravely to banish the spectre of beneficial trade deals and workers’ rights. 

“Things were so desperate that even women voted. And we won!

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“But there is more voting to be done. We will vote on and on until we have defeated the tyranny of all kinds of regulation.

“We will not flag or fail.

“Perhaps a referendum on net-zero will be next. Why should we be told what to do by scientists and other experts?

“We will vote on the beaches. We shall vote in the fields and in the streets.

“We will hold a referendum on time itself and vote ourselves free from the brutal dictatorship of clocks.

“We shall go on to the end.

“Oxygen! The so-called benefits of oxygen will be crushed by the British will to keep voting. We will breathe underwater if we only vote do to so!

“And by voting so bravely we are undoubtedly inspiring Ukraine to keep fighting.

“Because they are prepared to die for their country in the same way as we are prepared to write a cross in a little box for ours.”