Visa centre in Calais to be opened at least a week ago, confirms Home Office

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The Home Office has confirmed that the Visa centre in Calais for fleeing Ukrainians will be fully up and running at least a week ago or two ago, it has emerged.

The announcement came after Home Secretary Priti Patel appeared in Parliament to outline the government’s response to the growing humanitarian crisis and confirm that the centre was up and running.

Home Office spokesperson, Simon Williams said, “The Home Secretary was completely true. I can confirm that the centre will be up and running, roughly seven days ago, before she spoke.

“Is it physically up and running now? Well, no, but that is a completely different question, isn’t it? However, once it is up and running, it will have been doing so for at least a week. You know, throughout the period in question.

“The period in question is the period about which the Home Secretary would have misled Parliament had her comments not been correct. Which they, of course, are, or will be. Very soon in the future.

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“Or past, depending on when you ask me again. Which is hopefully never.

“So, I hope that’s cleared everything up?’ concluded Williams while reversing out of the press room at the same time.

Immediately after those comments, reports emerged from the alleged centre in question, has replaced the sign on the front that reads as follows:

‘Welcome to the UK’ government’s visa processing centre which has been open for over a week now. We hope to process your application, as we have been doing for for days and days.

There might be a bit of a little bit of a wait, but that is only because of the absolutely loads and loads of visas that we are processing as you read this.

Notwithstanding the absence of any staff apart from a security guard standing with a taser. He is definitely not prevening entry.

Have any of you visited Paris or Brussels? No. You should so go visit them. Totally amazing. Make a weekend of it. Maybe even a week?

Go, on. Treat yourselves. Better than standing round this place, which is 100% definitely open for applications.