Prince Andrew’s inheritance from the Queen suddenly reduced by about £12m

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Prince Andrew’s future inheritance from the Queen has suddenly gone down by approximately £12m, it has been revealed today.

With news emerging that Prince Andrew has finally proved his innocence in his civil sexual assault action by paying off the accuser with several million pounds, further news has now emerged that his future inheritance from his mother is expected to be reduced by a very large amount compared to his other siblings.

A Spokesperson for Bucking Palace confirmed, “Yes, the will has been changed. He’s getting nothing that lad.

“Seriously, he’s getting fuck all. He’s cost her a frigging fortune in paying off his accusers, who he has never met in his entire life, but still decided to pay millions of pounds to.

“Not that the Queen has helped to pay anyone off in any event, using what might be taxpayers’ money, as that would be unacceptable so we wouldn’t like to comment.

“Let’s just say that Prince Andrew suddenly found about £12m along with another couple of million to pay legal costs and managed to pay everyone off from his own savings, or something, so no-one needs ask where it came from.

“It just so happens that the Queen has also decided to amend her will and Andrew will be getting significantly less than any of his siblings who have not been friends with a convicted sex offender and had to pay off a ‘stranger’.

“We just hope that this can finally put behind us and we can enjoy the celebrations for the Queen’s Jubilee, which Andrew is definitely not invited to.”