Stop the War coalition close to being able to blame Ukraine war on Tony Blair

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Following days of work, it is understood that the Stop the War Coalition are on the verge of being able to blame Tony Blair for the war in Ukraine.

“As soon as it became clear that Russia was set to invade Ukraine, we knew the most important thing would be to be able to blame Tony Blair for the whole thing,” explained Simon Williams, a member of Stop the War who is definitely not mad.

“We immediately put together a team of our top people, and they’ve been working round the clock to establish that it’s all Tony Blair’s fault and we’re pretty much there.”

The key to linking Tony Blair to the war in Ukraine is understanding that he is to blame for everything.

“That is the base, underlying principle of the work we’ve done here. For the first day, we were trying to identify a meaningful link between Tony Blair and Vladimir Putin, or indeed Russia more generally, but we weren’t really able to find one.

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“However, once we start from Tony Blair being to blame for everything, then it becomes very easy to blame him for this war in Ukraine and that is why, whilst most sensible people are condemning Vladimir Putin over his invasion, we will be coming out firmly against Tony Blair later this week.”

The Stop the War Coalition has recently blamed Tony Blair for the Philippine drug war, Covid, losing the Euros last year, the paucity of new British guitar bands and for the general secretary of Stop the War stubbing their toe last Thursday.

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