Man ditches evil Spotify for squeaky-clean Amazon Music

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Former Spotify user Simon Williams has taken to social media to declare that he will no longer use the platform after the music streaming service spread misinformation about Covid on a podcast he hasn’t listened to.

Instead, he will move to the sunny moral uplands of Amazon Music.

He took to Twitter to declare, “I can’t in good conscience sit and do nothing while Spotify spread lies. I’ve never listened to Joe Rogan, but he’s worse than Hitler. Hitler did lots of bad things, but he never spread harmful misinformation on the Internet.”

After posting his tweet, it was reported that he sat back with look of smug superiority on his face as he waited for his social media echo chamber to shower him with praise.

One of his eleven followers described the move as, ‘stunning and brave’. Another said that he was now, ‘on the right side of history’.

However, one of Mr Williams’ friends, Jed Harris, pointed out that he may have just been caught up in a wave of trendy moral showboating.

“Have you seen the stuff about Amazon’s working conditions? And they sell and profit from books written by anti-vaxxers. And their charitable program gave thousands of dollars to anti-vax groups. And their corporate tax…”

At this point, Mr Williams put his hands over his ears and shouted, “la la la…”

It is unknown how Mr Williams will overcome his moral quandary.

However, one source reported that Williams, 20, was spotted in a record shop staring at a vinyl with a look of utter confusion on his face.