Chances of being trapped in a cave for 54 hours significantly reduced if you choose a normal hobby

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A study has found today that the chances of you falling, becoming seriously injured and trapped inside a large cave for up to 54 hours is significantly reduced if you choose a more sensible hobby.

With details emerging today of Brecon Beacons caver George Linnane’s rescue operation in November, which saw him trapped deep inside a complex caving system for over two days, requiring 300 people to rescue him, further details have now emerged that it wouldn’t have happened in the first place, if he didn’t decide to take up caving.

Study leader Simon Williams confirmed, “It’s science. The numbers are there for everyone to see.

“The chances of someone falling or being injured deep inside a cave are significantly higher for those who are mental enough to go climbing deep inside caves.

“This is also the same for becoming trapped inside a caving system and not being able to get out, where again, anyone not deciding to crawl through tiny cracks in a rock in pitch black environment has far less chance of becoming trapped there, almost 100% less, in fact.

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“Our studies would go so far to say that the main contributing factor for people getting trapped in caves, is indeed, people going into caves in the first place, which is a really stupid thing to do.

“Do you know which hobbyists never find themselves accidentally trapped in a cave for 54 hours? Stamp collectors.

“I just hope someone who has previously been trapped in a cave for 54 hours doesn’t say something stupid like he wants to get back to ‘doing the thing he loves’.

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