Ain’t no party like a Number 10 party, admit S Club

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After twenty years, S Club have admitted there’s one sort of party better than an S Club party – a 10 Downing Street party.

S Club parties were acknowledged by both scientists and the Guinness Book of Records as the best sort of parties, but the group has reluctantly conceded the crown to Government staff who really showed them how to do it.

“Those D Club parties are so good they’re worth breaking the law and risking contracting a serious disease for – and neither of those are things S Club would ever condone,” said Hannah Spearritt.

A sentiment echoed by Bradley, who told reporters, “An S Club party will take you high but it’s not worth risking losing a general election for.

“The most we ever did in one of our parties was travel in time to the 1950s and get involved in illegal drag racing – but that’s nothing to mingling in a confined space having a great time when you’ve made it flat-out illegal with penalties of up to a £10,000 fine for anyone else to do the same.

“Those Downing Street partiers are off the chain!”