OPINION: Hunt members should be congratulated for steering their bloodlust away from tearing apart foxes to merely punching horses

author avatar by 2 years ago

A recent hunt saboteur video has revealed a hunt member punching and kicking their horse, and we feel they should be congratulated for reining in their violent urges to more acceptable, if still distasteful, levels.

Fox hunting is a brutal and barbaric pastime, few would disagree, but something even fewer have acknowledged is that a punch and a kick is way better than total dismemberment.

Ask a fox, which would they prefer, a straight jab to the jaw or having their throat opened by the razor-sharp teeth of a bloodthirsty hound? It’s a no-brainer, surely – and for that, we should be congratulating the people filmed while on this hunt.

The normal behaviour pattern for people with the sort of bloodlust you need to enjoy a hunt is ‘escalation’, so to de-escalate to merely punching horses – and to not even draw blood while doing it – is something we should all applaud.

It takes proper self-control to fight the impulse to chase and enjoy an animal being ripped apart before its brutal demise, and these huntspeople have demonstrated precisely that control.

It’s a bit like the TV Show Dexter, about a high-functioning psychopath with a compulsion to murder people, but at least Dexter tries to only kill bad people who deserve it. He tries the best he can to be a better person, and these huntspeople punching and kicking horses are much the same.

Punching and kicking a horse is bad, no one is saying otherwise, but the alternative possible behaviours by people with the psychological abnormality to desire hurting animals are much, much worse.

Who knows, if this trend of de-escalating violence continues, then in a couple of years we could see huntspeople doing little more than, offering fashion critiques and giving withering stares to the animals in their care.