Nation’s freelancers wondering if MPs could be paid in ‘exposure’

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As the debate rages on about how MPs can make a living solely as representatives of the people, the nation’s freelancers have wondered if they could top up their salaries with exposure.

With thousands of freelancers still being offered lucrative roles paid solely in exposure, many have suggested this could provide a way out of the current MP sleaze crisis.

Freelancer Simon Williams told us, “No-one likes the idea of Geoffrey Cox living in the Caribbean for a month while earning £400k advising businesses on government policies, but I’m sure they could live with it if his compensation package consisted solely of exposure.

“I mean, he’s been front-page news on a number of newspapers and websites, and that’s the sort of exposure that really pays the bills.  Normally I get offered a chance to add the work I’ll to my public CV and a mention in their newsletter that goes to over a hundred key decision-makers.

“Any freelancer will tell you that being paid in exposure is better than being paid in cash money anyway.  Money can only buy you things like food and rent, but the value of exposure is potentially limitless. Who knows what it will end up delivering for you.

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“I’m sure we could convince MPs to give up their six-figure consultancy side-gigs in return for exposure contracts that would have some vaguely-defined future potential value. I know I would.”

Meanwhile, MPs had begun to reject the proposals outright until it was pointed out that you don’t have to pay tax on exposure.

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