Metaverse developers celebrate first radicalised user

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Metaverse developers are today celebrating the success of their new platform after the radicalisation of the first user to immerse himself in the VR platform.

Chuck Matthews, 52, was bought a VR headset by his son as a way to help him navigate the digital world, but instead, it has seen him rapidly descend down a conspiracy-filled rabbit hole.

Developer Simon Williams, told us, “We knew the metaverse would work, Mark has bet his entire business on it after all, but we didn’t realise just how quickly it would work.

“We all know that prolonged exposure to persuasive misinformation on the Facebook platform has been shown to take weeks, even months to radicalise an individual – but it works eventually.

“However, after just two hours of being lectured to by a virtual – and yes, quite attractive – avatar run by a group of lunatic conspiracy theorists, Chuck has now convinced himself that the Covid vaccine is Bill Gates’ way of killing children, which he does because he owes George Soros money, or something.

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“Two hours is all it took. That’s incredible, and way beyond any of our wildest dreams. We thought it would be quicker than the Facebook feed, of course, but this will be like printing money.

“If we can convince your grandad that Joe Biden is an alien in the time it takes to watch an episode of Squid Game, imagine how many companies will be queuing up to use the Metaverse to convince you their products will make your lives better.

“Ker – and may I add – ching!”