Chris Rea reckons he’ll be walking home for Christmas this year

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The closure of his local petrol station after they ran out of fuel means Chris Rea reckons he may as well start walking now.

The singer reckons it will take some time – possibly months – to walk from his studio in the west country to his home in Middlesborough, but at least he won’t have to worry about any red lights if he’s on foot.

“And all the tailbacks are outside the Esso at the roundabout,” he laughed.

“Obviously I won’t be hitting the freeway, except with a piece of cardboard with my destination written on it in felt-tip and my thumb out, but with any luck some friendly Eastern European lorry driver will give me a lift.”

“Oh, bugger, not them as well?” he asked.

When last seen Rea was standing on the slip road for the A30 looking at the driver next to him, and seeing he was just like him – waiting for the chance of a lift and hoping not to be picked up by a serial killer.

“He’s walking home, walking, home, walking home for Christmas,” Rea said.