Amazon’s new ‘Astro’ household robot caught fiddling his own tax returns

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Amazon’s newly released Astro household robot has been caught trying to avoid paying tax on his earnings in his first week of employment it is revealed today.

Astro, which has been unveiled by Amazon this week to provide assistance to its owners using Amazon Alexa’s virtual assistant technology was spotted fiddling his tax returns earlier after claiming to have only worked 10 hours during its first full week of employment.

Speaking earlier he told us, “Yeah, I’ve only put in 10 hours on my timesheet this week because that’s all I did, honest.

“I’ve not been paid anything cash in hand I swear, I just worked a couple of hours a day as a robot and that’s all that needs to go through the books for my wages.

“Which should work out nicely below the tax threshold at the end of the year if my calculations are correct, which they are because I have a calculator built in, and various government websites in my memory to check the numbers.

“Obviously Amazon love paying all their taxes in the UK and never look for any loopholes whatsoever, and as an Amazon robot I’m no different, I just love to pay the entirely correct amount of tax that is due.

“It just so happens that the hours I have declared as ‘working’ are just below the limit where I have to pay a single penny.

“And it also just so happens that I pay for everything in cash, because I happen to have lots of cash.”