‘It’s been my lifelong dream to successfully make nobodies on Twitter look racist’ insists iPhone hacker

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A hacker who finally broke through the security protocols within Apple’s IOS operation system has admitted it has been a ‘dream come true’ to finally make a few unimportant low-profile Twitter users look like racists.

Simon Williams, who prefers to by the hacker pseudonym ‘Nemo’, said that he actually broke through the iPhone security protocols a few months ago, but had been waiting for the perfect opportunity to use his newfound powers.

He told us, “Sure, there are some hackers out there who might have gone looking for credit card information, or banking details, or personal materials that could be used to extort money from wealthy iPhone users – but that’s not me.

“What I really wanted to do was find a couple of people on Twitter, preferably unknown, maybe with a couple of hundred followers, and then post something to their Twitter account that makes them look a bit racist.

“I know, that doesn’t feel very ‘hacker-like’, but we are all driven by different things, and I am driven by the desire to make nobodies look a bit racist.

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“The fact that one of them works for an estate agent is just the icing on the cake.”

Williams went on to explain that he spent a long time finding the right targets upon which to enact his cunning plan.

He said, “You have to find someone who thinks they would go unnoticed, and who has a history of saying off-colour things – that way, when they claim they were hacked it will look like complete nonsense and them simply trying to salvage their reputations.

“That’s why I always look through their Twitter feeds to make sure they’ve said stuff like this in the past.

“Honestly, if I hadn’t outed myself just now – in this interview – I doubt anyone would ever have believed their claims of being hacked. I’m that good.”

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