Chris Rea and Frank Skinner already working on “It’s Coming Home for Christmas”

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Chris Rea and Frank Skinner are working on the most logical collaboration since Morecambe met Wise.

Chris Rea is perhaps most famous for his Christmas hit “Driving Home for Christmas” while Frank Skinner is known for his part in “Three Lions”, where the most repeated line is “it’s coming home”.

“And the World Cup is being held in Qatar and finishes the week before Christmas,” beamed an excited Skinner, flicking through a yacht catalogue.

“Seriously, a chimp could put this together – in fact, looking at the proposed lyrics I’m fairly sure one has.”

Rea commented, “It would be nice to be known for a very slightly different song.

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“Even if that song is a reworked version of the OTHER song, it would be nice to have people come up to me saying ‘aren’t you that guy from that football song’ instead of ‘aren’t you that guy from that Christmas song’.

“Small victories and all that.”