Friday 2 July 2021 by Mark Molloy

ITV condemns death threats sent to any Love Island contestants they deliberately edit to make look awful

Love Island death threats

ITV has condemned death threats made to Love Island contestants today, especially those contestants who they purposely edit and orchestrate circumstances to make the public really fucking hate.

With news emerging today of hundreds of death threats already sent to one of this year’s contestants, bosses at ITV have been quick to condemn the disgusting messages sent to the Love Island contestant, before ensuring she steals someone’s boyfriend in front of another girl later this evening so everyone thinks she’s a bitch.

A spokesperson for ITV revealed, “This is fucking great publicity!

“I mean, sorry, yes, we condemn these messages sent to these poor contestants, it’s absolutely disgusting and we take these matters very seriously.

“That’s why in tonight’s episode we will be orchestrating a game whereby one of the contestants must steal the boyfriend of another really nice girl before slapping her in the face and calling her a slag, for no reason whatsoever.

“And if she doesn’t do it, she’s out of the show, it’s brilliant. Everyone is going to fucking hate her so much the ratings will go through the roof.

“But yes, we would urge the public to think before posting such abhorrent messages to these girls and remember that our islanders have feelings too.

“And if you were thinking of sending a message telling one of our contestants to kill themselves, think again and stick it on Twitter instead with the hashtag LoveIsland, and tag in all your friends.

“Because let’s face it, we only really give a shit about the ratings.”

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