George Galloway claims Labour unfairly used his lack of popularity to defeat him

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The silver-tongued firebrand from Dundee has declared he will try to use the courts to overturn the Batley and Spen by-election and claimed that Labour activists convinced people not to vote for him by highlighting the fact that he’s a malevolent attention-seeking prick.

His spokesperson, a burly man from Chechnya who would only give his name as Simon, said Mr Galloway had incontrovertible proof that activists repeatedly gave examples of his past and present activities in the aim of making people utterly sick of the sight of him.

“George came to this constituency, one he had never before set foot in, and knew he could easily become its MP as long as not a single voter Googled his name, looked at him or listened to him speak.

“But we immediately saw the dirty tricks brigade from Labour go to work and run a whispering campaign telling voters to look at George pretending to be a cat on Celebrity Big Brother or just talking bollocks on his Russian telly talk show.

“We have several videos of Labour activists on the doorstep pulling out their phones and showing that clip of George giving Saddam Hussein the verbal equivalent of a soapy tit wank. Or simply pointing out that he looks, talks like and even wears the hat of a complete wanker.”

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The newly-elected MP of Batley and Spen, Kim Leadbeater, refused to comment on Mr Galloway’s accusations and said she just wanted to get on with the job of being used as a pawn in Labour’s highly viscous and seemingly perpetual infighting.

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