Tuesday 15 June 2021 by Neil Tollfree

‘We’ve just got to learn to live with it,’ says twice-vaccinated retired woman

Grumpy old woman

A twice-vaccinated retired woman has demanded that we ‘just learn to live with’ the highly contagious fatal disease Covid-19.

“It’s been long enough,” said Eleanor Gay, safe in the knowledge that she is unlikely to come into contact with anyone suffering from Covid, and even if she did, she is protected by two vaccines and, is therefore extremely unlikely to be hospitalised herself.

“I think we’ve just got to accept that this is life now, learn to live with it, and change our lifestyles accordingly.” Ms Gay plans to make no changes to her lifestyle because she is fully vaccinated.

“Most people aren’t dying of it now anyway.” Ms Gay doesn’t personally know anyone who has died from Covid.

“I know there’s long-covid to consider, but that doesn’t seem too bad.” As long-Covid appears to affect younger people, Ms Gay is unlikely to be affected by it, and even if it did affect older people, she is protected by her vaccines.

“I’ll tell you what as well, I read on the internet that this was all manufactured by some Chinamen to attack us, so by doing all these lockdowns, we’re just playing into their plans, aren’t we?” Ms Gay is a fucking idiot.

“I think that it’s high time we started thinking about the effect all these lockdowns are having on businesses and on people’s mental health.”

Ms Gay really, really wants to go on a cruise.

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