Laurence Fox hates BLM because he thinks it stands for Billie Left Me

author avatar by 3 years ago

ITV3 repeats regular and part-time Bojack Horseman lookalike Laurence Fox has taken to Twitter to lay into BLM in the apparent belief that it refers to his ex-wife dumping him.

Fox, who most certainly has not gone all weird since the divorce, insisted he’s fighting for the common man who doesn’t want protests on the streets to make his children late for the two days a week he’s allowed to see them.

“I hope people boo Marcus Rashford again and again when he’s down on one knee pretending to be proposing to my ex-wife who I never think about,” he told his followers.

“And all those people running about last summer because they wanted to, because they wanted to deserved to be locked up and have the key thrown away.

“Next thing you know they’ll be hanging around outside my house playing ‘Do you have a girlfriend’ on their boomboxes as part of their quest for justice, which I would have banned if I’d been elected Mayor of London.”

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