Harry and Meghan announce the birth of Diana People’s Princess Up Yours F*ckers Mountbatten Spencer

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Harry and Meghan have announced the birth of their daughter – Diana People’s Princess Up Yours Fuckers Mountbatten Spencer – who will be known as ‘Lady Di’ or ‘Up Yours Fuckers’ depending on who they’re talking to.

The announcement on their Archewell website read – ‘On June 4, we were blessed with the arrival of our daughter, Diana People’s Princess Up Yours Fuckers Mountbatten Spencer. Also, Prince Charles is a prick. Up the Arsenal’.

It is thought that young Lady Di is the first royal to have ‘Up Yours Fuckers’ as part of their name since Princess Margaret changed her name by deed poll in 1981.

She is eighth in line to the throne, moving Prince Andrew down to ninth place. News which will come as a disappointment to those who were looking forward to seeing a paedophile on the throne.

Somewhat inevitably, reactions to the announcement have been mixed. Whilst the couple received official messages of goodwill from around the world, the Daily Express called for the baby and the couple to be ‘hunted down like dogs.’

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The Royal Family are said to be waiting to find a spokesperson with gritted enough teeth to express congratulations on their behalf.

Piers Morgan, the failed Good Morning Britain presenter, is said to have exploded on hearing the news.