Nigel Farage spending 77th anniversary of D-Day reminiscing about the time he addressed a far-right rally in Germany

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Today, British citizens across the country will be remembering the D-Day landings on their 77th anniversary, including Nigel Farage who spoke at a German rally for far-right political party AfD just a few short years ago.

The former MEP and former leader of the Brexit Party, will be marking the solemn occasion by getting all misty-eyed about the time he was given a heroes welcome for enthusiastically addressing the far-right rally in Germany back in 2017.

The privately educated, former stockbroker, millionaire man-of-the-people spoke in front of members and activists at the event staged by the Alternative for Germany party, which was held inside a literal fortress in Berlin.

The AfD party has stated that Germany should take pride in its soldiers that served in the Second World War, and has dubbed the Holocaust Memorial in Berlin a “monument of shame” that shouldn’t exist.

Farage, who is currently taking on the elite by calling for the NHS to be replaced with an “American-style insurance system”, was invited to speak at the event by MEP Beatrix von Storch, the granddaughter of Hitler’s finance minister.

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Von Storch has previously called for the use of lethal force against illegal immigrants, even in the case of women and children – whereas Nigel Farage was happy to join her on stage after realising he had only stood in front of a poster of refugees to give the false impression that the nation is about to be overrun by ‘lots of the brown ones’.

Farage, whose wife is German, received a standing ovation at the event.