Daily Mail readers already confident Lilibet is a total bitch

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Baby Lilibet Diana Mountbatten-Windsor is an evil witch, according to tabloid readers this morning.

Harry and Meghan have announced the birth of a baby girl and Daily Mail and Sun readers already hate the little cow.

“She’s only three days old but what a fucking bitch!” said Daily Mail subscriber Simon Williams.

“The Royal Family has a new enemy. She’s just like her harlot of a mother.

“The gall of the child – to be born in such a disrespectful fashion so close to the Queen’s birthday. Meghan might as well have broken her waters all over Her Majesty’s face.

“I notice they didn’t release a baby photo. Perhaps at some level they are appropriately ashamed at what they’ve done.

“We’re just lucky that the trustworthy journalists at the Daily Mail and The Sun will work night and day to dig up everything this Lilibet hussy does and says; we’ll be monitoring and criticising everywhere she goes and everyone she meets.

“She will never escape the judgemental gaze of those best placed to protect the memory of Princess Diana – angry, racist Daily Mail readers like me.

“I imagine that, even as I speak, Lilibet’s baby monitor is being hacked by Murdoch-controlled Sun journalists – only to gather information in the public interest, of course.

“And when she reaches adolescence I’m sure the Mail’s finest photographers will capture the disrespectfully skimpy swimsuits that Lilibet will no doubt prance around in.

“By that time, Queen Elizabeth may no longer be around to be outraged – but we will defend the crown on her behalf, even if it means poring over hundreds of sordid, fleshy images.

“I can’t believe the daughter of traitors is gonna make me do that. The bitch.”

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