Zack Snyder promises grittier, darker Top Cat in “TC: Dibble Dies Tonight”

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Zack Snyder is all set to bring the world a tougher Top Cat.

The endearing children’s television character lives in an alleyway with his pals while getting into minor, mischievous scrapes, often at the expense of Officer Dibble, a human police officer.

“But in my version, Top Cat murders people,” beamed Snyder.

“Top Cat lives on the streets his entire life. He’s gonna be a tough guy and it’s dumb that he has a love/hate relationship with a cop.

“TC:DDT is gonna show Top Cat mobilising his crew and finally putting a bullet in Officer Dibble’s head.”

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Top Cat fan, Hayley Rice, said, “…what?

“Are we talking about the same character here? Top Cat, yeah? No, he doesn’t kill people.

“I mean it’s never explicitly stated that he doesn’t kill people, but, still… in all the light-hearted gags about conning Officer Dibble for food and money, the idea of murder never really came across.”

Zack Snyder fan, Simon Williams, who still maintains 300 is a five-star film, said, “Ugh, more Snyder hate. I see it all the time.

“Just because you don’t UNDERSTAND his vision doesn’t mean you need to hate on it.

“Top Cat killing people makes perfect sense, just as Batman suddenly killing people makes perfect sense.

“You just need to think about it, that’s all. Snyder forever.”