Monday 24 May 2021 by Mark Molloy

‘Don’t go to Spain’ says government allowing people to go to Spain

Boris flights to Spain

The government has insisted today that people should not travel to Spain due to coronavirus infections, whilst allowing people to travel to Spain.

As Spain begins to allow UK travellers into the country from Monday, senior government ministers have repeated today that people should definitely NOT be travelling into the country, whilst allowing people to travel into the country if they want to.

A spokesperson for the government revealed, “You can’t go to Spain, unless you want to, of course, then you can.

“Look it’s very simple. Spain has said UK passengers are welcome, with little or no safety checks required. But we have said that you can’t go, even though you are actually allowed to go.

“So whilst you are allowed to travel to the country because it’s on the amber list, you shouldn’t actually be going there, because it’s on the amber list.

“Obviously there will be very exceptional circumstances where it is essential for people to travel, such as a cracking deal for a half-board hotel in Benidorm with the kids.

“But if people do have to go to the country, they will be made to pretend to quarantine when they get home for 10 full days.

“I will say this once again to make it abundantly clear, no one should be going to Spain unless they want to go to Spain.”

Asked if people can travel back home via Portugal, to avoid the need to quarantine we were told “Yes”.

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