Hartlepool tradesman ‘really identifies’ with Boris Johnson’s struggle to live on £150k a year

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Ahead of the Hartlepool by-election on Thursday, a local tradesman has confirmed he will vote Tory for the first time ever because of the affinity he feels towards Johnson’s struggles to balance his finances.

Simon Williams said, “For years I have always seen the Tories as elitist, self-serving arseholes with head-to-toe tweed using servants as footstools in their country manors.

“Boris change that. I look at him and see an average bloke – just like me – trying to make ends meet bringing up a family on 150-grand a year.

“I mean, granted, it’s 125-grand more than I make, but then again he lives in London, which is well expensive. His rent must be loads more than mine.

“Oh, he lives rent-free, you say? I see.

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“Okay, but then there are car payments, insurance, and all that. His petrol bill must be ridiculous. He’s all over the place.

“He’s got a free chauffeur-driven Jaguar that takes him anywhere he wants to go? Huh.

“Well, there’s the shopping. I mean to feed my family, I’m spending 100 quid a week sometimes and that’s before all the stuff for the baby.

“He asked donors to pay for a nanny? Well, there you go. He’s that desperate, he had to ask someone else to employ someone to look after his baby.

“Right. Still, that must have been hard.

“Then there’s up-keep of your house. Furniture and all that. What’s that? How fucking much?! He was also given 30-grand of taxpayer money to decorate?”

Simon continued, clearing his throat, “Tough, though. Really tough. I imagine.

“Anyway, it’s not about how much the taxpayer paid for his chaise lounge. Look at what he’s done already for the area. Hartlepool has a long fishing heritage and because of Boris and Brexit he has basically saved the industry.

“Well, I haven’t heard anything in the media to suggest otherwise.”

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