Why Boris Johnson is so fantastic, by Laura Kuenssberg aged eight and a half

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Boris Johnson is completely fantastic and I love him and I think he’s brilliant.

I love him because he’s got funny hair and is nice and says funny things all the time. He sometimes talks to me on the television which is very kind and nice.

When he does talk to me, I ask him all the questions that he tells me to ask him and then he answers them and then sometimes he takes me out to get some nice cake which is nice of him.

Some people are mean to Mr Johnson and I think that is very unkind and they shouldn’t be mean but they should be nice, so sometimes I write stories about how nice and funny Mr Johnson is so that everyone knows that he’s nice and not a big liar.

I sometimes talk to Kee Stammer as well and he’s quite nice but he’s a little bit boring and just goes on about boring politics all the time. I don’t think I’d like to go for cake with him.

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I don’t know who Ed Davies is.

When I grow up, I want to be a proper journalist, because I like going to talk to my friend Mr Johnson and if I was a proper journalist I could do it all that time and help him all the time which would be nice.

I have to stop writing this now because I have to go on the television and talk about how nice and funny Mr Johnson is.

I hope there is some cake afterwards.