‘Vaccine passports infringe my right to privacy’ insists man whose wife knows less about him than Facebook

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Facebook user Simon Williams is today bemoaning vaccine passports as a huge affront to his right to privacy and is using his Facebook profile where everything is set to ‘public’ to do it.

Williams, who has spent the best part of a year failing miserably to prove that covid is a hoax, that masks don’t work, that vaccines are ‘experimental’ and that the government has a secret plan to subjugate us all, has now decided that his latest bug bear will be vaccine passports.

He told his Facebook friends – including the hundreds he’s never met but willingly accepted a friend request from in the desperate hope of appearing popular, “This is Great Britain. I don’t want some bloke on the door of the pub or club deciding if I can come in or not based on whether I have a vaccine passport.

“I want him doing it based solely on whether or not I have trainers on, or if I look a bit too pissed, or if they have too many blokes in there already – or any of the other perfectly reasonable excuses to refuse someone like me entry.

“But using my risk to others as a reason to stop me going into a venue is absolutely outrageous and basically fascism.

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“That sort of information is private, and should remain solely between me and the omnipotent algorithm into which I have unwittingly fed increasing amounts of personal information for the last decade.”

Meanwhile, the algorithm has decided that it will today feed Simon with even more one-sided information to make him feel like he’s in the right on this issue and to reinforce the walls around his echo chamber because, as it’s learned over the last ten years, that is the way to keep Simon engaged and on the platform.

And Simon absolutely loves it that way.