Man disappointed not to get a sticker and a lollipop with his vaccine

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Local man Simon Williams got jabbed in the shoulder this morning and didn’t even get a lollipop for being brave.

Simon, who had been hoping for a gold star and maybe a Swizzels Matlow Double Lolly or a Chupa Chup, was left ‘disappointed and saddened’ that what he got instead was told ‘Cheers, love’ and pointed towards the exit.

“I hung around for a couple of moments in case they’d forgotten and anyone came after me with a tub of boiled sweets or a biscuit, but no,” a visibly upset Simon told us.

“The nurse at the door just said ‘Cheers, Love’ in a firmer and less cheery tone and pointed outside again.

“I was very brave and didn’t cry when the needle went in, but it’s like they only give rewards until you’re about seven for that sort of thing.

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“I didn’t get anything just because I’m forty-nine. It’s ageism, that’s what it is.”