Internet Explorer gets up early to buy Easter eggs for its family

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Internet Explorer is off to buy Easter eggs two days after the fact.

The famously slow web browser is confident that Easter is today and wants to get to the shops before all the good Easter eggs are gone.

“Must be prepared,” declared the browser.

“Huh…lots of these eggs are half price! This shopkeeper must be “crayyyyzayyyy”, to quote Celo Green, who I believe is still in the charts.

“I can’t wait to watch my relatives eat these while we watch the recently released blockbuster, Speed 2: Cruise Control. It looks like the kind of sequel that will assure the future of the Speed franchise, as well as turning Jason Patric into a credible star, at last!”

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Google Chrome chuckled, “oh dear.

“Poor old IE. So far behind, as usual.

“Whatever you do, don’t tell it about Kevin Spacey. It’s still running banner ads for American Beauty without the slightest idea.

“I hope it’s not driving itself home from the shops. It either goes far too slowly or it crashes.

“No, that’s not a pun. Five people died last time. Have some respect.”