White people pleased racism sorted and everything can get back to normal

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White people have declared how pleased they are that racism is now sorted out and the Black Lives Matter protests can stop and everything will get back to normal.

“Thank heaven that’s all dealt with now,” said Simon Williams, a white person.

“I must confess, seeing all those Black Lives Matter protests forced me to think about how inequality is present in our society and I didn’t really like having to do that.”

Since the protests, the Government has produced a report saying that racism isn’t really a problem anymore.

“Racism sorted,” marvelled Mr Williams, “it really shows the power of protests.

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“I hope that black people, and the white people who helped organise everything of course, I hope they’re proud of what they’ve achieved and now they can stop all the protesting and we can get back to normal.”

Whilst broadly supportive of the protests, Mr Williams echoed the thoughts of many as he told of how they were sometimes an inconvenience.

“Well, not for me so much as for Mum – sometimes she’d want to go shopping but there’d be a protest with lots of angry black men shouting. Which is quite intimidating for a 67-year-old lady.

“Still, now we’ve sorted racism, she won’t have to worry about being intimidated by black people like that anymore.”