Piers Morgan breaks his silence after almost 10 full hours not mentioning Meghan

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Piers Morgan has broken his silence today in an exclusive interview with The Mail on fucking Sunday after almost a dozen full hours of not mentioning Meghan or Harry whilst he was asleep.

With absolutely no one giving a fuck what he actually thinks, former GMB presenter and current twat Morgan has revealed today that he is finally breaking his few hour silence on Meghan in a ‘tell all’, again, interview with the Mail.

Speaking earlier he revealed “I’m breaking my silence and finally saying what I think, again, after a few hours of not saying it.

“Look everyone knows I’m a hypocritical jumped up twat who does exactly the same thing that I have been criticising others for.

“And I haven’t stopped going on about Meghan, and leaving GMB, and the Royals, and Sharon fucking Osborne for the last two weeks.

“So today, I will finally be breaking my silence, after almost half a day, and telling everybody exactly what my stupid opinion is, yet again.”

Asked which paper it was again that he was peddling all his shite, to he told us, “The fucking Mail. Obviously.”

I think, therefore I am, not a Daily Mail reader (get the T-shirt HERE!)