Side-effects in 0.0002% prove vaccine is ‘deadly’ claims moron who insists virus that kills 0.5% is ‘nothing to worry about’

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After further EU countries suspended the use of the AstraZeneca vaccine following reports of blood clots affecting fewer than 40 of the 17 million recipients, idiots who don’t understand how numbers work have been quick to condemn the jab.

Seven countries have so far fully suspended the AstraZeneca vaccinations, despite there being no link between the vaccine and blood clots, though this has proven enough for the low-information anti-vax community to declare the vaccine programme unsafe.

Covid sceptic Simon Williams told us, “37 blood clots among the 17 million recipients of this vaccine is very clear evidence that this vaccine is about population control and that Covid is actually nothing more than a ‘scamdemic’.

“Scam-demic – get it? Ha! I’m so clever.

“Anyway, look, I don’t care that in the general population you’d expect to see more than 37 blood clots among 17 million people in the same three-month period, because maths and statistics are not my strong point.  I’d much rather blindly believe the latest youtube video I watched than give a cursory glance at the raw data itself.

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“I like believing persuasive videos from the medically illiterate, rather than actual data, and I can evidence that point further by insisting that a virus that kills about 0.5% of the people who get it is absolutely nothing to worry about, while simultaneously insisting that an unproven side-effect affecting just 0.0002% of vaccine recipients is proof the vaccine is very dangerous indeed.”

Non-moron Dr Karl Matthews told us, “*sigh*. Maths is hard.

“There are genuinely people out there who think 37 unproven cases of side-effects in 17 million vaccinations is cause for huge concern, whilst also believing that 126,000 dead people in the UK alone is nothing to worry about.

“No, there is no vaccine for dumb.”