Man who yelled at royal couple for quitting jobs, quits job

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A man who complained that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were letting the nation down by quitting their jobs, has quit his job.

Piers Morgan, who has long been critical of the royal couple for leaving their role as public figureheads, has left his role as the public figurehead of Good Morning Britain.

The announcement came after a segment in which Morgan walked off and abandoned his own show, presumably while muttering about how wrong it was for Harry and Meghan to abandon the UK.

“Piers can’t stand people who quit when the going gets tough,” his agent told us,

“That said, Mr Morgan will now be stepping away from GMB because Alex Beresford was a bit mean to him in front of the viewers.”

Mr Morgan first grew angry at the royal couple after they left their old roles in Britain to pursue a new career in America, a move that the former CNN and America’s Got Talent host found deeply offensive.

However, things came to a head yesterday, after Morgan said he “didn’t believe a word” of Meghan’s mental health claims.

Morgan is, of course, known for his scrupulous honesty, and has only once been fired from a job for publishing lies.