White House Churchill bust spotted at Washington DC pawn shop

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A bust of Winston Churchill that was removed from the Oval Office has appeared in a Washington DC pawn shop.

The removal of the bust caused anger among some British politicians, as the wartime leader’s bust was replaced by several new ones, including one of Martin Luther King.

The bust, priced at $9.99, has been in the window of the store since Friday.

The manager of the store told reporters, “A man came in and asked how much he could get for it. He didn’t even haggle when I said six bucks. Truthfully, it’s worth a lot more than that but he just thrust it in my hand and ran.”

The manager said he didn’t catch a good look of the man, but said he was eager to get rid of it.

He added, “Yes, he was very glad to get rid of it. He mentioned something about ‘No damn Roosevelt in Downing Street’, which I didn’t understand. He gave his name as Boe Jiden anyway, which is quite a weird name.”

Asked if he believed the bust would sell quickly, the manager said, “Who’d want this ugly thing in their red, white and blue house?”