‘You shouldn’t have kids unless you can foresee every single thing for the next eighteen years’ insist morons

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Unless you’re an actual fortune teller, you shouldn’t have kids, according to various morons today.

With the scandal surrounding inadequate school meals being provided to children from low-income families, many people have chosen to criticise the parents for breeding, rather than the government wasting their own tax money.

“Yep,” said Simon Williams, grinning a stupid smile on his stupid face.

“You chose to have kids, you shouldn’t have had them if you can’t feed them.

“Oh, you lost your job due to a completely unforeseeable and unprecedented pandemic? Well, you should have thought of that before rutting with a fertile member of the opposite sex, shouldn’t you?

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“Honestly, it shouldn’t be difficult to feed your own children. I don’t struggle to do it so I don’t see why anybody else does, because everyone has had exactly the same opportunities and privileges as me, obviously.”

Mother of two, Hayley Rice, said, “Gosh, he’s right.

“Before I gave birth in 2014, I should have known a devastating pandemic was only seven years away and that my independent bakery would have to shut, forcing me to rely on state handouts to feed my family.

“Could I have the fucking lottery numbers while you’re there?”

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