Man insisting 10-month old virus isn’t really dangerous also insists ‘we won’t know if vaccine is safe for at least five years’

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A man is today insisting on social media that a virus which didn’t exist a year ago is nothing to worry about because it hardly kills anyone, while confidently asserting that any vaccine to fight it can’t be declared safe until we’ve had at least five years of human trials.

Simon Williams, 45, has spent the last year attempting to convince his friends that the threat from coronavirus has been vastly exaggerated and that despite not even existing a year ago, and it infecting millions and killing hundreds of thousands, the virus is really nothing to be scared of.

However, Williams is also telling everyone who will listen that any of the covid vaccines should not be considered safe until there have been at least five years of human trials.

He told us, “I can’t believe so many people have fallen for this scamdemic! It’s obviously not dangerous, it hardly kills anyone. Julia Hartley-Brewer said it’s only killed 600 people in the whole world, so that must be true!

“I’ve been telling people coronavirus nothing to worry about since March, when the virus had only been around for a few weeks.  Clearly those few weeks were long enough for me to determine that this novel virus was completely safe.

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“But these vaccines that have been in development for nearly a year, and which involved hundreds of thousands of people in human trials around the world, is simply NOT safe to use in the population at large.

“We won’t be able to declare these vaccines safe until we’ve had at least five years of human trials.  THEN maybe it will be considered safe. Maybe.

“But in the meantime, no-one should be frightened of catching covid, because all the evidence from these last few months show it’s not really dangerous.

“What? That’s a perfectly consistent position to take. Yes, it is, shut up!”